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Audio equipment | Bethesda, MD | MetroVoiceMedia | 301-656-7981


Metrovoice Media now offers local business professionals the chance to attend meetings halfway across the world and give presentations without traveling there. In an instant you can schedule a session and save time and money! Our Polycom VSX 7000 offers reliable connection with high quality picture and sound. Rates are flexible depending on time of day and day of week. We can accommodate a panel of presenters up to four. Contact Craig fore scheduling and costs. Bring the world closer to you!


It’s the newest form of direct to consumer media, but how does podcasting work? You create an audio or video program here at the studio, where you’re the expert, answering questions about your business, providing tips to help them make the right choices. Your program is then placed on iTunes free of charge with keywords to link you to people interested in what you do or sell. People can listen anytime, anywhere, with no interruptions and no need for an internet connection to stream media. You build credibility and customer traffic at a fraction of what it costs to run traditional print and electronic media ads. Even if you’ve never been in front of a mic or camera before, we can assist you with a plan to help you make an impact with your custom podcast! Call us today to find out more!

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