Control room on the recording studio

Professional studio equipment

Create the professional sound of a real studio with professional quality equipment.

Sound control

Top-notch studio equipment to get the job done right

A studio just can't be called a studio without professional audio equipment. You can make use of the equipment and professional audio services we offer on your next project.

  • Neumann U87 voiceover mic
  • Neumann TLM 103 mics
  • Various RCA and AEA ribbon mics for critical recording of wind instruments
  • Universal Audio, Altec and DBX tube mic preamps
  • ProTools HD with sync to picture capability
  • Both Final Cut Pro 7 and Adobe Premiere Pro CS7
  • Boston Studio Piano used at The Kennedy Center for shows/rehearsals
  • Roland JC120, VOX AC15, Fender Virbro Champ Guitar amplifiers
  • Esoteric Sound Multispeed Turntable for transfer/restoration of discs
  • TASCAM DAT recorder for transfer/restoration of DAT tapes
  • Revox PR99 1/4” reel to reel for transfer/restoration of tapes

Remote equipment for high quality sound out in the field

Audio recording outside a controlled studio environment can be challenging, but with the right equipment and engineer, it’s amazing what you can capture. When you want ready for broadcast quality, trust us.

  • Shure FP33 3 channel mixer
  • Sennheiser MK 416 shotgun mic
  • Carbon fiber boom pole
  • Marantz PMD 660 field recorder
  • 10 Channel snake
  • Bose L1 Model 2 PA system
  • Yamaha MG166CX 16 channel mixer
  • Shure SM58 mics
  • Rode NT5 condenser matched pair

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